Importing mesh from PhysX Lab to UE4


Can some tell me just how to import destructible mesh from PhysX Lab and set everything so it is destructible by default First Person Tenplate projecticle? I’ve fractured mesh in PhysX Lab, only need to know how to import and set

Guys, we dont have on forum anyone who know how to set mesh impprted from physx lab?

Hi 01zabil01,

Here’s the import/export process pipeline that I use:

  • Create 3D Mesh you want to use for Destructible in your modeling application
  • Export the Mesh as an FBX (or other format supported by PhysX Lab)
  • Import your mesh you want to create a Destructible with into PhysX Lab
  • Setup the DM the way you like in PhysX Lab
  • File > Export asset > and save as APB (should be this by default)
  • Open UE4
  • Select Import > Navigate to your APB file

These are the steps to get your asset
into UE4. It’s pretty straight forward
with no gimmicks. set everything so
it is destructible by default First
Person Tenplate projecticle?

This next step requires a little more setup though.

While the settings do carry over from PhysXLab for your mesh this does not automatically set it up so that it generates collision hits with some objects. This all has to be setup in UE4.

Using the First Person Template you’ll want to open your blueprint for “FirstPersonProjectile.” This will be the yellow ball that shoots from the gun. In the components panel select the “Sphere” Mesh. In the details panel on the right select the Collision Presets where it says “No Collision” and change this to “Custom.” Leave everything as it was except change the check box next to “Destructible” from Block to Overlap.

You can save and close this now.

Next you’ll want to select your Destructible in your level and in the details panel select the collision presets. It should be set to “Destructible” by default. Change this to “Custom” and in the check box next to “Projectile” change it from Block to Overlap.

This last step will need to be done for any destructible you want the yellow ball projectile to damage on impact.

An alternative would be to use a line trace weapon that doesn’t require a projectile mesh like this and it can just apply damage when it hits an object.

You can see an example I’ve previously setup here in this sample project: [TUTORIALS] Photons Be Free: Mini-tutorials and other curiosities - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums

I hope this helps.