Importing mesh from another engine

Hello guys.
I’m working on a project that i need to create some meshes in another engine and export them to UE for texturing and rendering. Now i got 2 question that i hope you can help me abotut:
1- Is it possible to re-import and change a mesh in like every frame? I mean can it handles all the lighting and renderings realtime ?
2- changing the source file will do this but isn’t it very slow? first engine must write the data on disk and the second one read them from disk. Isn’t there something like an IPC way for unreal and another process to communicate on ram or virtual network instead of hard disk? (I use linux)
Thank you.

So you have another program running at the same time as Unreal and you want to transfer a mesh from that program to Unreal for visualization?

If that’s the case, it should be possible, but it depends on how much you can do with the other engine, UE4 is very flexible but it won’t work unless the other engine is too.
It’s highly unlikely though that you’d be able to do it every frame, it’d take too long to transfer the file and then it’d still take too long for Unreal to construct the mesh.

Yes. In fact i have another program that do some mechanical calculations and then export the final object. Now i want to real-time-import that object in Unreal game. It’s like a game that user can copy his own model in a directory and the new model should appear in the game without restarting anything. Is it possible? Or before compiling and running the game, all required objects must be ready and fixed?

Again, it’s possible but you won’t be able to do it within one frame to show an animation.