importing MATERIALS from UE4 to ADK?

Ive tried to export items from the UE4 to the ADK…
Ive done it like this: exporting files from UE4 to hard drive, then import them to ADK.
Most of the files work, like textures and statics, but I want the materials…
If They import, there blank, so I need tomake them from scratch again…
Or they dont even import at all…

Does anyone knows how to import MATERIALS from the UE4 to the ADK?

pls help :)E

What versions of UE4 were you working with and what type of material where you working with? I only ask because I know things like substances wont simply export. There is a way to export your substance into bitmaps and then re-create the material in ADK using them.

the latest version :slight_smile:
the materials are for trees/flowers/rocks/… new static with textures and materials
all i can import, execpt the materials, if some do import there blueprints are blank…

so only way that i know now, is to copy paste the blue print from the ue4 to the adk and make the connections and fill in the textures -again…

hope there is a better way to import materials lol

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xtesic um i think you can just paste the folders into your adk’s mod directory in windows explorer and restart the adk. it will try to load the files at startup

I did what you said, now i get this error

The following assets have been saved with an engine version newer than the current and therefore will not be able to be saved:

so the materials are coming in good, but once i click them there blank again
both engines are uptodate
any idees around that?

my materials do that frequently and I have to give them time to load properly, try to let it settle for a little and see if they show up (though in your case I don’t see this as likely)

it did not work :frowning:
can someone help me?
Im trying to get the materials from “KITEDEMO” from UE4 (new flowers, trees, foliage, rocks, grass,…) into the devkit
textures, statics are imported good, onlky the materials not…
looking for someone to ceate those again and load them back up
Or if you want I can give you the files, its 6.2 GB…

topic closed
found a way myself :slight_smile: