Importing Marketplace packages

Hi there

I bought a package from Marketplace. I have done so on multiple occasions. Normally, I would have an option to “add to project” from within the vault. However, this particular package only offers an option to create a new project. I create a new project and then I when I copy files from explorer across to my existing project, none of the material instances or materials work anymore. All of the references are lost and none of the textures are present within the materials anymore.

Can somebody please tell me what I am doing wrong? I saw somebody else had the same problem ,but never posted a solution, except that he was able to solve it.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Hi there,

Some marketplace assets come that way, usually the ones that include a demo level.

To transfer over the assets, open the demo project, then in the Content Browser you can highlight the assets you want (or even the whole content folder if you want them all).

With the ones you want selected, right click on any of the highlighted items and select “Asset Actions” then “Migrate” (If you are transferring a whole folder it will just be “Migrate”)

This will open a box showing the assets that will be migrated, choose ok, then in the next box find your project’s “Content” folder (will be “\YourGameName\Content”), select it and then press ok again.

This will transfer all of the selected assets over to your own project, with the references still intact.

Hope that helps!

the question was how to import, but not export.