Importing large CATIA .CATProduct assemblies

Has anyone had any success importing large .CATProducts that reference thousands of .CATParts and .cgrs?

We always get silent failures that just leave a single datasmith import file and no geometry.

We have loaded in several complete car assemblies from major manufacturers. So yes, thousands of parts is possible. If you can’t share the file confidentially with us, then we can’t help much. In the 4.20 previews, you’ll have access to our 2-step importer process. You can load the assembly and verify it before deciding what to load from the assembly as geometry. This will allow you to figure out what is failing. Previews are a couple weeks away.

We’d appreciate it if you logged the bug so that we’re tracking the issue:
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Thanks Ken, in that case I’ll wait for the previews first. It might be a bit tricky to get approval to share the files (and they are very big in any case).