Importing landscape

I’m very new to UE4, but haven’t found much help on importing terrain via the Landscape tool set.

I’m focused on creating a scene for archviz (not for games).

My only experience has been with 3DS Max; but with my small render farm of six machines, generating 40 seconds of video per three weeks running 24/7 with I7-2930K cpus; I’ve been investigating trying to do the same thing with this game engine with a much faster rendering time.

I’ve used 3DEM to read SRTM 30m resolution .hgt files and generate 16bit integer bin/raw files to make terrain for a flight simulator in times past, and also I’ve easily imported SRTM data into 3DS Max (with the groundwiz plugin) for past archviz projects.

I saw on this thread: Terrain time discussion! - Debugging, Optimization, & Profiling - Epic Developer Community Forums, that UE4 interprets every pixel as being 1m apart; but after scaling up my x/y axis for the mesh to 3000% (since original data is at 30m resolution); I still don’t see anything that resembles what I get when I import .fbx mesh from 3DS Max.

The mesh import seems to work fine (with no noticeable hit on frame rates–of course there’s nothing else in the scene that’s complex); but according to the documentation the Landscape objects are superior in performance–especially for large maps–hence the reason I’ve been hoping to use that feature instead. BTW, the mesh in the attached picture is approximately 30Km x 30Km. (1009 x 1009 pixels)

If anyone can steer me to a guide or tutorial, I’d be rather grateful! Thanks!

Thanks TimeSpirit. That’s embarrassing–obviously I didn’t search the docs well enough :eek:

Unfortunately the above link doesn’t help me at all with my issue.

For what it’s worth–for anyone looking for a solution, I seem to have gotten decent results by saving the terrain (in 3DEM) to 32-bit floating binary (matrix). (Saving as 16-bit integer seems to not be interpreted correctly by Photoshop). Then, using Photoshop, change the mode to 16-bit/channel, by way of using the method “Equalize Histogram”–that seems to be the trick.

Ive been looking for a terrain tool for heightmaps, just installed 3DEM and trying it out. Ive been having the same issue (Outside of 3DEM) with my heightmaps because ive been trying to create a scale of flat earth map and couldnt get the hills and mountains to look right. Gonna try this software out and use your advice on exporting to importing.