Importing into UE4 from a custom Maya generator?

Hello everyone,

I’m very new to the whole world of game design and animation and was looking for some guidance on a particular issue I’m having. Sorry if this is a common question and I haven’t searched the right terms to find the answer, I’m just not sure what i should be specifically searching for help on.

I was wondering about on YouTube and found this Maya script:

I got it into Maya and I really love the functionality of the script and how easy it makes creating wings!

Where I hit a wall is getting this into Unreal. I’ve been watching some tutorials on exporting custom rigs from Maya to Unreal and have been trying for hours to troubleshoot this myself using google. Taking a look at the rig, there are a lot of controls and being as inexperienced as I am with both pieces of software, I keep getting confused and lost with what and how I need to be exporting the pieces.

A step by step would ideally be great, however any help would be appreciated.

Again, apologies if I’ve created another post for the same question. Please point me in the right direction if I have. Any help welcome.