Importing Image Sequences via Widgets UE4-26


I am in the middle of developing a wizard for 2D animation pre-vis in 3D space (for when the screens configuration makes it hard to visualize the graphics by just looking at the content on the screen raster) and have run into some trouble. The goal was to package the project up so that the animators wouldn’t have to deal with the UE editor interface, but there seems to be some utilities that only exist in the editor.

We were developing 3 methods of pre-vis. The first, NDI, was no problem. I was able to make a widget for the end user to input the NDI stream name and initialize without difficulty.

The problem is image sequences. I was looking for a way to have a widget that would gather a file path, and point that file path towards a new/existing image sequence asset. Then have a button to render out a cinematic to another specified file path. This doesn’t seem to be possible with UE4-26. Does anyone know of a way to do this with existing nodes? Will I have to learn how to write a c++ script for it? Any info would be useful.