Importing graphics into UE4


I’m building a first person interactive guitar tutorial in UE4 as part of my university course.

I have recorded audio files of the basic chords however to supplement this I would like to include visual chord diagrams on the walls to aid the user.

What would be the best way to achieve this? Could I create the graphics in Illustrator then import as PNGs?

Is it as simple to import the PNG then apply as a material to a brush/mesh?

Any help would be appreciated!

PNG’s import very well to UE4, along with TGA
Just remember to use image sizes that are multiples of 2. You can then use them however you want, whether you apply it in a material to a mesh or use it with the UI system (Unreal Motion Graphics)

Thank you for your response.

So can you give me an example size for an Illustrator document? They don’t need to be too large, just viewable in the middle of the screen in reference to first-person.

You would want to use something like 512 pixels x 512 pixels.


So I applied this material to a 400 x 200 Wall, how do I make it display ‘The Chord Wall’ a single time instead of each face and reverse it around?

In your material you can plug a TextureCoordinate node into your texture, from there it has UV tiling options. You can adjust those to change how much it tiles. If it’s set to 1.0 already, then most likely you would set U to 0.25 and V to 0.5
Otherwise you would need to adjust the UV mapping coordinates of the mesh.