Importing GLB models


I have some 3D models in the GLB format which I need to import into my project.

Unfortunately, when importing the models, a model’s skeleton isn’t imported. The only way I have gotten the skeleton to be included is by converting the models to the FBX format in Blender and importing that way. However, in that case, the materials aren’t imported correctly. Therefore, the only method I have been able to use is importing both formats, using the mesh and skeleton from the FBX files, and manually pairing the models’ components with the materials from the GLB files.

I imagine there must be a simpler method, allowing me to simply get all this information from a single file format. Can anyone provide any help or insight on the matter?

The models are from Snapchat’s new Bitmoji for Games SDK.

Did you ever find a solution for this? Or you are still manually pairing the model’s components with the materials from the GLB files?

I suggest to see this document that allows to integrate the GLB generated by

They use the glTFRuntime plugin that allows to import them in Unreal. Probably it will be useful also for your GLB files.

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David Bueno

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For me I have noticed that whenever I put in a model that a friend of mine fixed for me, which is in GLB format, does not work on my main project. But if I would open a whole new project and check if it still broken, then it works on that one. Which is hella weird.