Importing Gameplay Module from different projects - conflicting player inputs

G’day, tl;dr:

How one would go about importing Gameplay Module from different project (with set inputs in code/blueprints) into his original project which already has set inputs - in most efficient/optimal manner ?

non tl;dr
So I have original project which I work on and…
Want to import different Gameplay Module (basicly other game project) into my original project (so there would be two games in one). Problem is: both have completely different input bindings in code/BPs. So lots of errors/bugs occur after import.

AFAIK we have one inputs in ue4 (Project Settings).
My current workflow is: fixing inputs in all places in which they need to be fixed with bindings from original project for the imported one… which is tedious.
I’ve set it so each key binding has name of key/general action. Spacebar is Spacebar - which makes it easier for fixing and seems to be logical - it’s game type agnostic. Also avoids having two bindings with different names for thesame key (LMB for Shoot and for Interaction - bcos I have two different games and both interpert LMB differently).

Is there some other, better way to do it?