Importing from Solidworks assembly doesn't locate meshes with useful origins

Each part of a solidworks assembly has an origin that is positioned relative to the assembly origin in xyz and rpy. The datasmith import process loses this relational reference and puts every part mesh with its origin coinciding with the assembly. Statically, it looks fine, but if you import something like a car model that has four wheel parts, you cannot rotate those wheels about their origin because that rotates them about the origin of the car, not the wheel axle. For this tool to be useful for me, it needs to preserve the origins of each part as they are represented in solidworks.

I think this might relate to a bug with the third-party libraries we use. BUT, please report:

If the issue you are experiencing doesn’t match with one of the known issues logged here:…mponent=&sort=

Then please file a new bug report for our staff to investigate here: https://unrealstudiohelp.epicgames.c…community-page