Importing from Blender

Hello, I have a bit of trouble importing from Blender into Unreal. When I bring in a new skeletal mesh with the UE bones from Blender Unreal reads the name of the skeleton as an extra bone, giving me in this case an extra armature bone. I fixed it by deleting the main root bone and changing the armature name to root.
After doing it I´m able to change the skeleton of my mesh to the mannequin one but then it animates all wrong, as if it had different axis value. It´s weird because I can retarget the animations from the skeleton into the new one without any problem.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

I think your original skeleton export settings and overall setup are just bad.

Make your life easier.

And re the naming, follow the main tutorial on there. Import a mannequin. Copy the name structure generated on import.