Importing foliage problems

So I imported foliage from Blender, but when I placed them (just tree’s) They lagged it a lot. I was wondering how to fix that.

What are your full PC specs, how many trees have you placed, how many polygons are there per tree?

Geforce GTX 550 TI
AMD A8-7650K Radeon R7, 10 compute cores 4C+6G
14GB Ram
OS windows 7
I’m not entirely sure how to check Poly count I am new to development. I’m currently using blender to model the tree’s.

To check the tri count, do a double click on the tree in the content browser - in the static mesh editor you can see the tri count :slight_smile:

  • how many materials do you use for the tree?

I haven’t added materials yet. But thanks! I feel stupid for not seeing that though -_-’

Well tell us how many triangles it is so that we can assess whether or not this lag is normal for your PC specs. Your video card is not looking sufficient, but you should still get a decent FPS on a decent tree model.

I assume over 1million triangles is bad?

That is quite bad, how does a recommended of 40k sound?

Sounds better :D, how would I go about fixing it?

There are a few polygon reduction tools, one of them being Simplygon. I’m sure there are a few tutorials for polygon reduction for whatever 3D software you are using.

Thanks for your help!

For a tree I personally always use around 6000 tris :slight_smile:
In blender you can reduce the tri count by hand (delete some tris) or use the “decimate” modifier