Importing Fence Texture

Hey Guys,

To begin im new to Unreal Engine and Game Developing.
Heres my problem:

I created a Texture for a Fence with Included Alpha Channel to get rid of the Background to see just the Wires.
After Importing the Texture I have an Background but the PNG Format was Imported so Normally no Background should be seen.

Here are the Screenshots of what I mean:

The Original Texture + Alpha Channel is Included and can be seen in UE4

So looks the same Texture in UE4 with PNG Format Imported

Blueprint of the Material

The Alpha Channel of that Fence

Just wan’t an Alpha Channel that works so I have only the Fence.
Hope u all know what I mean :slight_smile:

You do not have anything going into your opacity channel that is why your fence is not showing up the way that you want. You need to set the blending mode of the material to either Masked or Translucent and then plug your alpha information into either the Opacity or Opacity Mask slot in the shader.

Thanks for Answering so Fast at that Time, and it Worked Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey glad that it worked out. I am in China so it’s day time for me. Let me know if you have any more problems.