Importing FBX with morphs taking forever (20 min per morph)

Hey guys- I’ve seen this issue arise on the forums before but there was never a definitive solution. I’m essentially trying to get a Gen4 Daz Studio Character into UE4 via FBX. I actually finally got this working with normals and materials but for some reason, UE4 takes forever to import Daz-specific FBX’s, approximately 15-20 minutes. The good news is my characters was fully functional and working.

Now however, I’m trying to import the FBX with morphs as well and each morph individually is taking between 15 minutes to a half hour to import. Initially the Daz character had close to 900 (granted unnecessary) morphs making this process completely impossible but I wilted it down to 95 and the import is looking manageable at around 2 and a half days, so long as it works. I can’t do this for every character though, especially considering I can’t do anything else while they import.

Is this still a bug or do you guys think this is something fixeable?

Thanks for any help or assistance.