Importing FBX Size Issues


I’ll provide a screenshot when I get a chance.
I’ve bought a textured FBX gun on Turbosquid, and I’ve imported it into it’s own folder in my weapons folder.
It has come in fine, and the textures have applied nicely. However, the gun is sitting very far away from the central axis in the skeletal mesh grid, and it’s about 10 times too big. I imported it at a ratio of 1, so I was wondering how I correct both it’s location and size. When I go to rig it to a socket on my Character skeleton, it is sitting in the same place at the same size as in the gun’s own mesh.

Is it a question of changing settings on import?
I’ve read a couple of pipeline documents but none deal with this issue as far as I can see.


well as temporary solutions you could try importing with scale of 0.1 witch should fix the size issue and you could try changing the socket location to accommodate the wrong location, although I wouldn’t recommend it, to fix it properly you will need to import it into a 3D app change the scale and location and re-export/import to UE4.

Agree with smokey13

I do a lot of 3D art and have come to find out that very few 3D artists pay attention to scaling export to a game engine. So I use Blender as a filter to import and get the scaling what I need then export. FBX export does work but can be a little fickled. MayaLT or Autodesk FBX converter can help. OBJ also works very well but it will need to be converted to FBX for UE4.

There is one other note I will add…naming conventions. Prior to importing anything into UE4…even perhaps prior to testing…you should come up with a basic naming convention for your assets. Since you are in your 3D App of choice…just do the naming there prior to export, combine any meshes, and delete anything not needed. Then once in UE4 everything is nice and clean and everything will be organized properly. Which makes your project better and easier to work with.

Cheers and Good Luck

Thank for the tips guys.
Olander, I’m wondering what your naming convention follows.
My blueprint for weapons is the name lowercase. ie “thompson”. The skeletal mesh is thompson_sm and the diffuse is thompson_d and so on. Thoughts?