Importing FBX or OBJ, which is better?

Hello my friends, Is it better to import in FBX Format or OBJ Format in Unreal Engine ??? Wht are the Cons and Pros ???

Hi there!

Did some quick esearch posted below - but overall I use FBX as it has a lot moe export features you can use - such as smoothing groups - import media and so on, obj has been known to include errors when importing into either unity or UE4.


FBX is a format designed for interoperability between 3D content creation applications.

There are several advantages to using FBX over a proprietary format like obj

When UE4 imports an FBX file, it can do so using its own FBX library. When UE4 imports a proprietary file it must do so using that softwares API (maya). This is slower and problematic. This is especially true with Maya, I’ve seen file imports fail due to the Maya API crashing many times. It’s even worse, it might not even work at all in some cases. For instance, Maya being installed is required to import Maya files, but not everyone on the team will necessarily even have it installed.

The second advantage is that an FBX file only contains the information necessary to describe the model, materials, animations, etc. A proprietary file contains a bunch of information specific to the software, edit history and the like, that Unity doesn’t need.

Ok, that’s the long answer, but the short answer is that it’s what FBX was designed for.