Importing FBX Model Question


I have acquired some assets to use in my game but they are delivered in a slightly weird way. The character is a stack of 13 different characters on top of each other.

the model was used in one of my unity projects so i know it can be done there but how do I hide the other 12 models and add the texture I want.

I don’t know what I am looking for so any advice would be welcome.

First image = unreal
Second image = unity

If they are separate meshes you can uncheck the box Combine Meshes when you import
But I’m guessing that since they’re characters that you’ll want them as skeletal meshes, in which case you need to make sure they’re rigged and then I would export each one individually to FBX.

hmm yes i was thinking of going that way. how would i do the animation then? because when you import an animation you select the skeleton you want with it, would i then need to import that 13 times as well?

If they have the same rig you can use the same animations