Importing .fbx made in Rhinocerous 5

I tend to model in Rhino (Architecture student, it’s what I know), and it has a native .fbx exporter so I figured, great! It mostly works but it does some odd things, the most annoying of which is that the scale is always very far off (imported files are very tiny) when the files are brought into the Unreal editor. Could anyone who also works in Rhino tell me if there’s a fix for this, or if I’m just going to have to deal with it?

The FBX exporter might have an option for scale. You might try downloading the standalone Autodesk FBX program and run it through that first. Few programs outside of the Autodesk stuff have good FBX exporters

Remember that when you are importing a mesh you can select the transform details. Once you figure out what the scale difference is between Rhino and UE4 you can just type the transform size to bring it up to the appropriate size in engine.

Actually, there might be a solution here - what units does the Unreal Editor measure things in? It could very well be a disparity in units that does not carry over. For example, I model in feet and inches, but if the Unreal Editor measures in centimeters or the like, that could cause the issue.

1uu = 1 cm :slight_smile: