Importing FBX files In-Game...C++ code

I’m working on a bit of a unique project in UE4 and I’m quite new to the C++ portion…I’m learning as quickly as I can.

What I’m wondering is if there is any code or tools about how to import an FBX file in-game, if someone has developed that or modified the editor code for that?

Thanks in advance!!

In the editor, go to the content browser and click “Import” near the top. Select your FBX file and options and accept. Is the something more you need than that?

Yes, I know how to do it in editor, I’m referring to doing it In-Game, without the editor

That isn’t a feature the engine supports for games, you would have to add it yourself.

Oh the way the post was written was confusing to me, I apologize.

Can you extrapolate on what you are trying to do exactly? And by that I mean what is the application of this? The reason is because there might be a better format/way for what you are trying to achieve. Parsing an FBX file and converting it to data Unreal can ingest is not a fast process. It’d be a shame to spend a lot of time trying to make this work only to find that it doesn’t achieve your goal because the process is too slow.

I think he trying to say " Can i make importing fbx file in game" for user imported models seems like

That’s basically what I mean…if it’s feasible at all and if anyone has written code to do that already, that’s all.