Importing FBX file containing Unicode names


When exporting from Blender (2.72) to Unreal Editor (4.7.2) via FBX file, Unicode characters in names of bones get converted to a string of “?”. This makes it hard to work with the imported data, and many times causes the import to fail due to multiple bones being converted to the same name.

Re-importing the FBX file in Blender shows the correct bone names, so I’m pretty sure the FBX file is being encoded correctly.

If necessary, I can send the .blend and .fbx files I’m using to test. This is my first project developing with Unreal, so apologies if this is just me doing something wrong.

Edit: It won’t let me attach the files, so here’s some links:

can i have the blend to test with myself?

I added links to the files.


UE4 not support unicode. All names in your scene must be in English.