Importing Fbx crash

Hi, when i tried to import either a skeletal o static mesh fbx into UE4 and check import materials , always crash

Make sure your textures, animations and mesh has different names before you export.

As was recently pointed out to me on here, you cannot have > 64 materials for an imported mesh or it will crash. Also make sure you are exporting with the Triangulate and 2013 format options selected.

I tried with a mesh with just 5 materials, with triangulate and no works, if i uncheck “import materials” the import works

Make sure each of your 5 materials have completely unique names. Not sure if that helps but I know that is another caveat.

Ahhhhh i realize something, i see that the model uses 28 material with just 5 textures, because for example, the hair uses 5 material with 2 textures, and upper boddy 6 materials with the same texture, but when i imported in UE4 the engine detects that the mesh uses 28 materials but UE4 (UE3 too but with UDK didnt crash) makes like a joint so if the materials of heads are 21, 22, 23 and 24, if you apply the material just for 21 material the editor applies to all of them. Its hard to explain it but if i make the materials by my own in UE4 and select material 21 and apply to it the hair material , it not necesary to apply it to 22, 23 and 24

By the way, im a programmer, not an artist and the model its not made by me, so thats why i didnt see that earlier

I talk to fast, i rename all materials and still crash, but not crash at the begining , almost at the end

Nah, the original materials of the mesh are Multimateria (Multi/Sub-Object) and the standard node of that materials crashes

Just use placeholder materials(in Multi/Sub Object Material) with different names. Then create the materials manually inside the engine. The imported materials are going to be very basic anyway so there is no need to waste your time trying to import to use them.

Ok, thats its the same to uncheck the “import materials” and place myself, i wanted to avoid that like i did in UDK, but if its not possible, better than nothing, thanks for help me out

Hi ,

Could you please post the issue here with the FBX/3D model?

We are trying to keep track of any importing issues.

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Its done :wink: