Importing FBX chunks changes the pivot point

Hey there everyone!

I have modelled a barrel, which I have made plank by plank and imported into unreal as an SM. it works fine up to that point. The planks are combined although they are separate meshes because it has to stay as a single object in unreal. Then, I made from the same model a barrel mesh which isn’t combined, and I’m trying to use it as the DM. That makes it the level 1. I import it as a level 1 depth, and it is at the same pivot point, has the same pivot, scale and everything. it IS the same mesh. But when i import it it rotates it 90 degrees and clips it through the floor, and also messes up the collision of the level 0. Screenshots attached.

PS: Textures aren’t the issue, I was just testing out the mesh.

This is the mesh that’s all combined.

This is the separated mesh.

I managed to find out what happenned. Maya uses Y as up, unreal uses Z and when I imported the BASE MESH it changed it, but the FBX chunk doesn’t have that option. Simply uncheck the convert scene when you import the base object. It flips it to it’s side but that can be rotated later.