Importing FBX camera to CameraAnimationSequence in python

Hi there, I can’t seem to use python to import cameras to the new CameraAnimationSequence templates.

I can import fine with regular level sequences using:

unreal.SequencerTools.import_fbx(world, sequence, bindings, import_options, input_file)

However this doesn’t work with the new CameraAnimationSequences, even though the way of importing manually through the UI is the same. I’m guessing as this this import is expecting a normal sequencer type.

Is there a method of importing FBX cameras to CameraAnimationSequences like there is with regular sequences? There isn’t much information about them and CameraAnims are being depreciated so any help would be appreciated.


There is some info at this thread.

The project settings can auto-map pre-animated FBX camera settings to the sequencer.

@DarylAtkins yes, unfortunately this doesn’t work for CameraAnimationSequences. It’s on our list to tackle before we completely replace Matinee based camera anims.