Importing FBX camera in Sequencer?

Hello, Matinee had an awesome feature of “importing” and fbx camera file with all animations and keyframes into a sequence. I’m trying to work with Sequencer and I can’t figure out how to do the same in it. Sequencer doesn’t seem to have any “file-import” menu in it. Is there any way to implement it?

I think I resolved the issue. There are two ways. One seems to be just converting the whole Matinee scene into Sequencer scene. The other is just selecting camera in Matinee and copy its track in Sequencer and paste it (Sequencer has this option if you right lick and paste on a track).

is there a way to use the new method (sequencer) without relying on a conversion of the old method (matinee)

seems so clunky having to use a feature to make what is supposed to be its replacement do what it should be able to do on its own

I think this “new method” exists from 4.13, at least in the documentation it seems like there’s a similar import button to import directly FBX animations/transforms and it shows that version.

Look the last video and screenshot.