Importing FBX animations I'm missing "Import as Skeletal/Import Mesh" options?

Can someone please help me figure out why these buttons are missing on my FBX import? I’m trying to import Mixamo animations and I don’t have the option to Import as Skeletal/Import Mesh. I have no idea at what point these 2 boxes disappeared. I’m running 4.23. If you notice in my project (picture 1) I can only import skeleton while the unreal the website (Pic 2) shows I should be able to Import as Skeleton/Import Mesh. As of now I only have the one option and am unable to use any animations. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You need to select the skeleton. It has to be a compatible skeleton else it would not work

Are you trying to import a skeletal mesh without a skeleton? If so, you have to select an existing skeleton for it, and I believe those options will appear.