Importing .COPY

im having a problem with importing .COPY to another Project how I can do that

Instead of saving as a .COPY, use the Migrate functionality to copy content between projects:

I wish I could downvote this. This is not an answer. Why does .copy exist, why does UE4 allow you to save as a .copy if you can’t import it?

Where in this question was migrate mentioned? Seriously there’s a lot of questions about this and no actual answers.

As far as I can tell, .COPY is a vestige of an old version of migrate. It probably shouldn’t exist any more and no one should use it. Keep in mind that the Unreal codebase dates back to 1998 so there are a lot of old code that needs cleaning up.

Do you see any reason to use .COPY?

Well for one possible reason for .COPY file is that they are text files that you can edit, say for changing the parent class. Of course it isn’t clear how you would then import it.