Importing cities from Blender (General Questions)

Howdy y’all. I have 2 questions.

  1. Does the send2ue plugin, for Blender, support exporting cities, while keeping there original origins, and as individual assets?
  2. If option 1 is not supported, then the biggest confusion I am facing, is that I have read some topics from different forums where people have said that I is not good to import assets with their origins far away from the 0,0,0 axis. Is this true? If so, what would be an easier way?

… okay, so it was 3 questions :laughing:

Hi! I have answer for the second question only. The pivot point what you set in Blender doesn’t count in Unreal Engine. The mesh pivot point will be where the mesh crossing the 0,0,0 in Blender. It’s not a probleme if you want to use the city as one single mesh, but if you want to move, or worse rotate the building one buy one you will be in trouble, because the buildings pivot point will be very far from the selected mesh.

Hi sipci1989, and thank you for your reply. I don’t think I will be needing to make adjustments, once the city is imported to Unreal. However, I thought I seen someone mentioning that the origins also effect the light baking. Is this true? Also, I am still interested in if the send2ue plugin can export a city, while preserving the origins of each asset.

I don’t use the Send2UE plugin, but if you export the scene as an FBX, you can keep the object origins. In UE5, go to File > Import Into Level. In the import options, Change the hierarchy type to CreateLevelActors, and make sure BakePivotInVertex checkbox is ticked.

@ScottSpadea, I had tried using the import scene once before, but after skimming through the documentation, I think I was doing it wrong. Basically, I forget exactly what happened, but I did not like the results. I will try to give this another try, and I will let you guys know when I get a chance. Also, I do not have UE5. I am still using UE4-26. I am hesitant to upgrade, because of hard drive space and procrastination :roll_eyes:. It is the same with Blender. I believe that Blender 3.4 alpha is already out, but lazy me, I am still using Blender 2.93.

In the meantime, I am wondering if I would be better off asking the people in plugins category about my question with send2ue?

… also, I forgot to mention, does anyone know, if UE4-26 have the options to use CreateLevelActors and BakePivotInVertex?