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Okay, so i have been trying to figure out to import this model i bought from cgtrader supposedly game ready.
the model imports fine but no textures and i have no idea how to import textures as well and feel lost. all tutorials i find online say i gotta just pack it a certain way from zbrush or blender but i just bought it for my game and i was told it would import fine to ue4. i need some help, i have attatched pictures so you can see what im dealing with.

Hi odinzai,
Did Ue4 create any materials for the textures? Or did you just get the mesh imported completely on its own? I can guide you further once you’ve answered that :grin:

When I bought it, the model came with a folder full of textures, normals and UV and a few FBX files of the model itself :sweat_smile:

Ok here comes the fun part my friend!

Import the model into Unreal engine (which you have done). Now create a new folder where your model is in the content browser (Right click, create folder) Call it textures.

Then inside that folder right click and go to “IMPORT” then navigate to your textures folder that was with the model you downloaded. Select ALL of those texture files and import them into Unreal engine. It may be worth deleting the model from your project and reimporting it. When you import the model again , towards the bottom of the import dialogue there is a section that should say “CREATE MATERIALS” like the image attached. Once you’ve done that the fun begins! Unreal should have now created a material for every texture set that came with the model.

So you have a texture called “SWORD_LOW_SWORD_BASECOLOR” , Unreal will have made a material with the same name. Open that material by double clicking on it (which should be just plain white) minimize the material editor so that you can see your content browser below it.
Then you need to drag the “SWORD_LOW_SWORD_BASECOLOR” texture into that material, click and drag the output pin from the texture into Basecolor. Then drag the NORMAL , HEIGHT and AO textures into the material editor and link them up to the channels they plug into.

Let me know if this helps,

What’s funny is I was about to try all for that on my next day off, your awesome for this!

I’m so excited thanks so much :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

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Your’e welcome. Theres a lot of threads on this forum that no one bothers to answer , although im sure they know the answers! ITs a shame because the unity community were always very helpful with assisting other engine users.

Take care

I totally agree and people like you make this community better!