Importing character to UE4 from mixamo results in very weird looking poses

When uploading my character from Mixamo into UE4, I end up with parts of the character being stretched, his arms inside his torso, a bent back and other issues visible in the picture below. I am trying to use this character to simply replace the default ue4 humanoid rig but clearly that is not working to well. What am i doing wrong.

I am exporting from Mixamo in the unreal format, and then selecting the humanoid skeleton as the skeleton for the mesh to use when uploading to UE4. I am assuming i am doing something wrong on the unreal end as the character rigs perfectly in mixamo.

have a look at the videos these may help

I have tried, i followed multiple tutorials, that is why I am asking here.

PS. forgot to add the photo

it seems that mixamo dropped the support on UE4, most of the problems are related with the rigging, but the animations seems to be ok.

Edit: I’m researching it with some friends, it seems that you may use specific plugins to remake the rigging and since the bones are the same, we still might be able to use the animations