Importing character model

I have a character blueprint class (with basic movement), how do I import a character model to use for first person? I am fairly new to Unreal

Do you have custom character bp or one from the template? I recommend you to use one from the templates :slight_smile:

  1. create a new skeletal mesh in your 3d tool + animations
  2. import it
  3. in your character bp you can add the skeletal mesh + you will have to create an animation bp (like in the tutorial series)
  4. add the anim bp to the skeletal mesh component in your character bp

The best way is to learn how everything, regarding the character, works -> ?v=hRO82u1phyw&list=PLZlv_N0_O1ga0IoRrpI4xkX4qmCrhGu56 (anim bp, character bp,…) :slight_smile:
Im not sure but I think you can find some step by step tutorials on youtube about your question

Was just googling to see how much info was out there about creating and importing custom characters into Unreal and found this thread at the top of my search list. I found a customizable Anime character system that works perfectly with the unreal engine mannequin out of the box and is 100% license free. Thought I’d share as I’m blown away :wink: Enjoy!