Importing Camera from Blender to UE4


I would like to import an animated camera into ue4 4.7.6 from Blender 2.74. So I export the camera as a .fbx, select “camera” and “selected objects”.

But when importing the camera via Matinee, it only imports one second. And I can’t see anything happening.

Importing via the contentbrowser gives me no good either, when importing the “import” button is greyed out.

If I import the .fbx into Blender the full range of the animations i available.

Could someone please assist me in this?

Thank you so much.

Okay… dumb question but i’m going to ask it anyway (since you mentioned matinee it seem moot but i’ve missed things before myself), apparently there is an option to select “create camera” described in the answer hub question Here. Did you receive that dialog box or check that box?

If this does not work I would suggest creating a dummy object (such as a box or an empty) and animating it with the camera attacked. Blender’s FBX exporter is… for the most part adequate in most things but it is still iffy some times, and I can’t remember if they actually have that working :slight_smile:

FYI “rocket” (which you will see referenced in the post) is the old code name for UE4 (apparently)

I was afraid of doing something like a dummy object, but it will have to do.

  • No, I saw no checkbox, weird…
  • Yes Rocket so it seems.

But thank you for the support, that was really quick. I will use your method with an empty.


If you have the matinee tool in ue4 the level squencer tool how come even the idea of importing a cmera came to your mind. A camera is not a mesh. There is a option for front view in Blender .Do you import that as .fbx file.You don’t need
obviously .Use the matinee tool my friend . There are loads of tutorials and sample projects enough to make you a cutscene expert. Have a nice day paratrongatulus