Importing camera animation and focal length

This is something I absolutely cannot figure out; as unreal handles animation differently from Maya, 3ds, Blender, Lightwave, C4D etc.

In the attached scene, it is just a camera panning around and zooming into a box. How can I get this camera into Unreal without errors using the level sequencer? So far, i’m able to get accurate Position and Field of View, but rotation is always wrong. I don’t understand why objects always import accurately but cameras don’t.

I found a way to sync up the cameras, I still don’t think i’m doing it right though.

Basically, when I import my FBX file, I have to attach the FBX camera to a mesh, set the mesh to be animated in the level sequencer, import the FBX onto a cine cam, copy its field of view then paste that into the camera. The only real issue here is that field of view cannot be made to update in the viewport if the camera originates from an FBX file.

this is really doing my head in, i’d really prefer for it to just work when I import an FBX file.

I guess you’re making sure to export the camera animation with Z-up coordinate right?
That’s the only reason I got cam animation not exported correctly in the past.

Doesn’t work on my end. I still have to discard the camera’s motion, use a placeholder mesh and juggle everything to make it work.

If you are using Max this works, if not its a potential Axis problem exists.

One thing to note I never got Focal length animation into UE, I always reanimate that with sequencer.

1 - Create a new camera in sequencer.

2 - select the camera that was created right click import and select your camera fbx file. a window will pop up. By default “create new camera” is checked uncheck that little bugger or your camera will import incorrectly.

That should be working.

I got it working.

There are a lot of steps involved in importing a camera to unreal (while preserving other traits like Field of View), but the important thing seems to be that the camera must be a CINE camera, not the standard camera that gets imported with the FBX file.