Importing C4D Solved Camera

Hi all - I have some test footage of an actor in front of a green screen. I brought that footage into Cinema 4D, and have motion tracked everything inside of C4D. I’m trying to bring that motion tracked data into Unreal Engine.

So far, I have sent it out of C4D using the "Save Project for Melange " feature.In UE4, I import the file using Datasmith. It brings everything in perfectly, even the camera. I create a sequencer, bring the camera in - and it has no keyframes. It has the same starting position as the C4D camera, but no movement. Am I missing a step here, or is this not going to work the way I think it is?

Here’s a link to the C4D footage, as well as the C4D footage specifically saved out for Melange (not sure if that makes a difference) - Dropbox - C4D Test Footage - Simplify your life

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