Importing Blender Issue

How’s it going everyone I’m new to the Unreal community, actually I’m new to modeling and developing in general. Recently though I had finished modeling, rigging, and animating my first model in Blender. As soon as finished, I exported it to Unreal Engine when I did I ran into a few problems the first being the error message I got when I imported my model. Saying that I had a smoothing group error with my model, though I heard through videos that I would get errors and not to worry about it. What my issue is would be the model that Unreal is showing me when all is imported. What I get is my model, but the face and basically the front is hollowed out and as turn it the front gets filled in, but the back starts to hollow out. So basically whatever gets put to be the front will gets hollowed out. If anyone could give me some pointers on where I went wrong I would really appreciate it.

Im also quite new at this my self-taking some online courses atm but for sake of helping out and keeping the post alive ill try my best , are the normals of your object al facing out ? Could you maybe post a photo of your error and the model in unreal ?

select you mesh, then go into edit mode, select all faces, in the left hand tool bar, select the tab “shading/uv’s” then click the button Normals: Recalculate.

now re-export and test in engine

Thanks for your time at looking at my post. Though after I posted it I spent more time on it looking around and I found the problem was because the polygon faces were flipped in the wrong direction.
If in case your using blender and you run into the same problem I did, what I found in another thread that fixed the problem. Was going back into back into blender and into my model. Then I selected all the faces of my model. Then I selected the “Shading/UVs” tab. And finally I pressed the “recalculate” button. When I imported back into Unreal it filled everything back in.
Thanks again at looking at my post and taking your time.