Importing blender file to ue4 error skel mesh bone size too small

had a working character moving in ue4 imported from blender. been tweaking the blender file and reimporting a bunch of times but now recieving error when importing to ue4. never had this before…“Bone size is too small for physics asset. you will have to create physics asset manually”

Also wondering about the answer to this, and my models are all scaled to UE4 standards

This was awhile back I’ll ask my buddy who was working on creating the character part in blender but off the top of my head had changed a bone in blender after we imported the skeleton mesh and after I worked on some animations in ue4. When we imported it again the change didn’t match the character we had in ue4 before which caused the error I think we had to put the bone back in blender and we were able to tweak it a different way. Then we reimported using the correct settings in blender(YouTube should have it). I’ll ask my buddy just to be sure as he was the blender guru. Also we must of imported that same char like 80 times so that might have corrupted it too.