Importing Blender 2.81 Vertex Animated Static Mesh

I have a simple static mesh (flame for a spaceship thruster) which I have animated in Blender 2.81 using key frames and editing the location of it’s vertices. So there are no bones. I have not been able to find any resources on exporting/importing this type of animation. All of what I find has been animations using bones. Was hoping someone could lead me in a direction of some info or tutorial or maybe give me a quick idea of the process if there is one. Looking through doc it seems it is possible to import animations without bones? Or, perhaps I have interpreted the docs incorrectly? I have tried experimenting, and IF I get an animation file on importing, it does not have any frames? Thanks for any help!

It’s just like any other morph target. You have to select skeletal mesh and you have to have an empty skeleton to be able to use it in UE4 stock.

The morph targets work like curves. I wouldn’t be surprised if to get the animation to export from blender correctly you’d have to resort to my curves plugin.
you would have to carefully move or rename the keyframes making sure they appear correctly in the dope sheet.
try with just one parameter first, see how it goes.

Hey, this is great! I will check this out and see if 'i can get morph targets to work as I need or to see if I can even better yet, get the animation to import using your plugin. It’s awesome you have provided tools you have created for free. Thank you!