Importing Basic Animation from Max to Unreal, Skeletal Issues?

Hello All!
I’ve created an Elevator inside 3DS Max. It has 3 animations:
Animation 1 = Ladder Door to get on Elevator
Animation 2 = Elevator Door to get in Elevator
Animation 3 = Floor falls down
When I import into Unreal it looks something like this:
Why is it importing all this stuff? There’s obviously no skeletal meshes, it’s just animations for “basic” primitives. How can I go about getting a better animation import workflow? Should I just make the animations in Unreal?

Any help is much appreciated.

Hello All, does anyone have any information on my situation?

I don’t have much experience for building environmental content (and that being said, you might have better luck asking in the level design forum), but since no one else has responded I’ll offer my opinion:
Anything that doesn’t have to move should probably be imported as a static mesh, and depending on how you want to set up the collisions, possibly all as separate pieces. If you want to use the animations you created in Max, the pieces that need to animate need to be imported as a skeletal mesh. They don’t have to be skinned to bones or anything, but they will all have to have a common root bone/object. Unreal wont let you import a skeletal mesh if you have more than one bone at the bottom of the hierarchy.