Importing baked animations


I want to import baked animations which I´ve created in another 3D application e.g. 3DS Max or Cinema 4D into UE. I know that there are 2 file formats, FBX and OBJ.
I figured out that FBX can just be imported as an animation if I use joints/skeletons in my animation. This is not what I need. I want to import animations which are baked and consist out of PLA keys. If I try to import a OBJ sequence it also doesn´t work.

Am I right?
Is there a easy way to import these animations into the Unreal Engine?

Thanks a lot for your help!

PLA = Point Level Animation.

PLA is usually used for stuff like facial animations or mesh deformation that isn’t possible to do with bones.
Examples for this would be car parts that deform on a crash or any kind of morphing animation.

AFAIK, fbx is able to export PLA as well.
I haven’t done anything with PLA myself yet, at least not exported them to UE4, so i currently cannot help with that.

But i’m sure that baking the PLA before export is the right thing to do.
You surely need to have PLA to Point cache checked in the Export options (C4D).

As for the import, this might be usefull:

Thanks for your reply. Yes, the link you sent sounds interesting. I will have a look how much I can do with the morph tag in C4D. But the import of PLA animations into UE seems not to work. Maybe someone already did this somehow?