Importing AVI content for TV screens.

Have had to import some footage for a TV screen. Have got it running fine, apart from playing too quick. Does anyone know how to sort this and can it handle multiple clips?

Would be great if blueprint creation for this could be simplified. Not sure if Datasmith can import objects with media file materials?


this video should help you to get the TV Screen with the Video Footage + Audio done:

Many thanks for this, will give it a go, hopefully it will answe my screen speed issue of running to quick during an animation. Have had a colleague recommend saving them out as frames which seems long winded…fingers crossed!

Had a look at the video, It still look as though the imported clip is playing too fast.

Must be an easy thing to rectify? Seems a lot easier to get running at the correct speed in the dreaded Lumion ; )

My colleague got it playing at the correct speed by saving his clip as frames…Surely we shouldn’t have to do this?

video is playing fast in game mode or in sequencer rendering? i can help you out after u answer this.

Thanks for your help. It plays fast in game mode which I’m not worried about but would be good to have it running at a good speed in my recorded sequences.

Twinmotion suffers the same - having to slow the clip down in an external program. Any ideas?

imo dont use media player, use image sequencer. here is how to use tuto -

here is result i got by media player -

here is result i got by image sequencer -

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Thanks for that! My colleague said using frames is the best way to go. Does seem to give you more control although it does seem a bit of a lengthy process for what should essentially be a simple procedure. Is it possible to have screens running different content?

haven’t tried yet. u can make mix content video in premier then export that in image sequence.

Thanks for all the help on this, image sequencer works like a charm, plays at the correct speed during gameplay and recorded sequences…phew!

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Hi all,

Wonder if someone could give me some advice on setting up multiple screens with different content. So far I can only seem to create one event begin play.

I am sure its possible but probably a process I am not doing correctly!


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