Importing assets

Hi everyone

I’ve still very new unreal 4 and would like to ask for some help deal with importing assets into unreal for props, texture, animation and so on - looking around i’ve seen some tutorials dealing with importing from blender but i haven’t been unable to find with which directly deals with importing from the unity market place (without actually owning unity).


above being one of the packs I’ve downloaded.

-you can just import fbx/tga/png/obj/… files -> so when you want to use something from Unity, you will have to export them as one of those file types. I dont know if there is a Unity to fbx/png/… converter, but you will need Unity to do this
-to get existing uasset files into your own project (like my package on your picture ^^)

Ah thank you very much, this answered both my questions. I’d like to also ask since i’d need unity to do that is there places you’d suggest for getting free assets like props and so on?

-the marketplace -> learn tab
-the community section -> https://forums.unrealengine/forumdisplay.php?12-Community-Content-Tools-and-Tutorials
-other websites -> :///?referral=revst ://www.blendswap/ :slight_smile: