Importing assets from the unreal marketplace into the Ark Dev kit.

I would like to import some assets that I purchased from the marketplace into Ark Dev kit.

Originally I thought it would be enough simply to find the folders and move them over to my ark project - but obviously the assets need to be linked as well. This process is not exactly clear to me.

Does anybody have a walkthrough for importing such assets to ark dev?

Is there any quick and easy way to get especially 3d environmental assets moved over without a big fuss of error messages?


Normally the files do not work if they are made in a Unreal version later than 4.5. Some on this forum said there would be a way. It was in one of the latest threads. Have a look.

trust me I’m looking :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know what thread it was. I saw it within the last 2 weeks. All I can tell you it should not work if the content got created after 4.5 which is over 70% of the marketplace content. So youi might be in bad luck here.

For models you can export using the 4.9 version and remodel in maya or blender then import into ADK. at least thats what i did for my furnace

Thanks Holyno I will try to do that and see how far I get.


I still struggle with this - I even put a [PAID] request for help in the talent wanted section.

Regarding the 2 sci-fi asset packs I purchased… I can import the assets into Ark just by copying the directories into my ARK project, and everything looks OK, but the template maps that come with the packs won’t work (different engine version) and I’m not a Level designer, so I wonder if someone can help me just put the things together and save it as an Ark Level? Easy right? peers round hopefully

The Atlantis demo is a bit trickier cos it uses lots of lovely substance textures which need a plugin to work or else “need to be baked” - which I dont know how to do…

I export this as an FBX in Blender and I think the textures dont come With it, so I hoped to get a bit of help getting the textures to work and then importing it into the Ark Project. This is because its a really lovely level that I think could be used for the “heart of the Ark” story I have planned.

So… I guess I really need a bit of level design help - but Im pretty sure this stuff is not really co complicated for someone who knows how to do this stuff. Just for me its rocket science.


If the map is not working because of different engine version (map got created in a newer version) there is nothing you can do. There is no backwards compatibility for many many reasons. Meshes and Textures (textures, not materials!!!) are one thing since you can export and import them, but in engine stuff… there is no way.

I think you missed what I said?

The assets import ok - the textures are ok. I understand the maps will not work - I am really just interested in getting some help putting the assets back into some sort of order that would make it easy to build a very basic Level… So if someone could help create like a test level with some of the assets it would be nice… and I even offered to pay for the effort. Thats all.

My bad, sry. I red that line and it sounded like you want to save one of the template maps as an Ark map.

Did you ever get an answer to your question?