Importing assets and hooking textures up

Hey guys, I’m still trying to get the hang of importing assets that I download off websites for environments I create. I actually just downloaded a rar file containing foliage, and when I import the meshes, they have no textures or materials on them. Can you guys help me figure out how to hook up the textures and materials to the mesh so I can get them to look proper again? This is just confusing to me as I haven’t really hooked up textures or materials to a mesh before. Thanks guys!

Just import the texture manually - do a right click onto it - create material - - add it to your mesh :slight_smile:

Thank you for that info. It works fine now. I also have another question. I downloaded some BLEND files but when I try to import them into UE4, they don’t pop up as an option to get them into the editor. What can I do to get the BLEND files into the engine?

If they are blend files, ue4 does not support them. Load them on blender and export as fbx. Then you can use them on unreal

I managed to import it as an fbx. However, I get a warning telling me that there’s no smoothing group information found. And I need to enable the ‘Export Smoothing Groups’ option. I’m assuming there’s an option in Blender. Is that correct? Where do i find it and take care of that issue?

Normally when you export something with the default settings, blender should also export the smoothing groups -> are you sure that you have applied a smoothing group to your mesh :slight_smile: