Importing Animations from 3DS Max into Unreal?

I’ve made a simple mesh in Autodesk 3DS Max with an animation of the object using deformers such as twist, bend & rotate,

I then exported the mesh as an FBX (with the animation box checked) to then find out that when importing in Unreal Engine the mesh only does a simple rotation,

Does this mean its not possible for such animations to be imported within the engine?
or does it mean I have to go a completely different way about doing this?
Any suggestions would be v helpful, thanks

I’m pretty sure you cannot import animation from modifiers like that. The way to animate an object twisting or bending would be to skin it to some bones and import it as a skeletal mesh.

you need to use morph animations for skeletal meshes that bend/twist etc. or if its for a more static mesh instead of skeletal mesh actor, you could perhaps bake it down to vertex animations.