Importing animation of non skeletal prop

Hi all, I have a basic coin rotating in 3D studio max. I export the FBX (include animation checked in dialog).

I then import to ue4, but it only gives me options of static mesh (so I guess the animation is scrubbed), or if I choose animation ue4 demands a skeleton. It is a simple 1 object model that is rotating on a 360 loop.

When doing some basic level prop building and animations, is this something that I CAN’T do in 3D studio max and bring over? I have to just import the model in and create the animation in ue4?

Is professional workflow:

  • Model / Texture in Max (or whatever program you like) with Photoshop
  • Create in-level animations in ue4


As someone with a great deal of experience animating in 3D Studio it kinda disappoints me that I can’t use the animation tools I am so used to to prep the model and animation BEFORE ue4. Am I missing something?

Thanks for reading,

Create a Dummy and Link your coin to that dummy object. Then animate the dummy(the coin will be animated as well since they are linked), select both objects and export.

This is too much work for a rotating coin though, it sounds like something doable inside the editor with blueprints.

Ok - I understand how to do that, (and understand that I could do the animation in BP - more of a proof of concept now to learn from).

But why do I have to use a dummy? When importing the fbx into ue4 if I choose “static mesh” will the animation still be scrubbed? There was no check box for “import animation” as there was for import texture, convert multiple objects to a single object, etc.

Is there something else I have to do to have ue4 pick up the dummy’s animation upon import?

Thanks for the help,

You don’t need to attach it to a dummy, you only need to do that if you have multiple objects because they would need to all have the same root object.
To import that type of animation, export it like normal, make sure you use the Bake Animation options in FBX, and then when you import make sure to check the box Import Rigid Animations. You still import it as a Skeletal mesh

Oh right, i forgot about Import Rigid Mesh and Import Meshes in Bone Hierarchy.