Importing animation from Blender: keyframes don't import?

I’m sorry if Unreal forums are not the appropriate place to ask for this, but I tried on both subreddits for Blender and UE and got no response. I am stuck on this problem and have no idea what to do.
I have a blender animation, I’m trying to import it to Unreal Engine. The imported animation has the proper length of Blender’s animation, but lacks any keyframes and thus doesn’t move.
The animation works perfectly fine in Blender.

The (untextured) box should have an open top

Are all of the bones present inside of the skeleton?

Apparently not? I only see the root bone here for some reason.
I’m trying to import the skeletal mesh, but only the root bone is here. the 2 arm bones do not import

I’ve read somewhere that your armature should not be named armature but something else. Doesn’t matter what you name it just don’t name it armature.

That and - you are using NLA tracks, so those won’t export…