Importing animation doesn't create skeleton

According to the documentation if I import an animation without selecting a skeleton, a new skeleton should be created. But if I don’t select a skeleton, the import buttons are disabled.
I have some animations, I want to retarget to an existing skeleton. And I don’t want to skin the animation’s skeleton just to create a skeleton. This makes retargeting animations an unnecessary hassle.

I have used the description of your workflow to enter the following feature request: JIRA [EU-19821] However, since the documentation reads: “If no existing Skeleton is selected, a new one will be created from the SkeletalMesh being imported. The new Skeleton’s name will be that of the SkeletalMesh with Skeleton appended…” there may be an issue like transferring skin weights and their influences (or some other unknown) that may prevent this from being implemented.

Well, then it should be made clearer, that selecting a skeleton is mandatory. I worked around it by binding a cube mesh to the skeleton. But I find it stupid, that I have to do this.

When you import mesh, you don’t have to select skeleton, but when you only import animation, you’ll have to select skeleton. That’s how we verify the animation is good for the skeleton or bad and it is important.

The documentation is a bit confusing, but that’s what it is saying.