Importing Animation Blender -> Unreal

I have a problem with my animations.
I export a animated mesh in blender. (export is correct, i didn’t use “simplify” baked values in the export settings!)

For any reason blender doesn’t support multiple animation channels/layers/actions/whatever, so i decided exporting the whole animation in one .fbx and importing keyframe ranges for the animations to unreal.

When I import the animation and select for example keyframe Range 1-120, Unreal always imports frames 1-121, so the next frame is always importet, but that frame is in most cases the beginning of a new pose, so it looks ■■■■■■.

Okay, it seems i can just import 1-119, but the manual importing of each animation of each mesh drives me crazy enough, so maybe you know a better way to solve this problem?! :slight_smile:

PS: Is it not possible to cut animations after importing? In every other game-engine i worked with you could just set idle=extractanim(1,120) or something like that, to get your animation.=(