Importing animated morph targets

hi guys,

I was really hoping you can help me, i searched the web and there seems to be a serious lack of tutorials on the subject, only specific questions that didn’t help me.

I made a rig, that is a mix between skeletal animation and morph targets.

  • i created a basic animation with the blend shapes and the joints, to test it out.
  • when i preview the FBX file in maya, the animation and the morph targets animate properly… however, when i want to preview it in unreal i get no result, i see the morph target list, but there is no animation… only skeleton animation…

So if only someone could tell me as detailed as possible, a workflow to export and import properly, i would be very happy…

and how come there’s no video tutorial on such a powerful feature EPIC is so proud of???

okay, solved it :slight_smile:

here is a video that shows a proper way to export so that your animated blendshapes will work :smiley:

video: ---->> Exporting to FBX properly - YouTube

then all you do is:

  • drag the FBX file to unreal.
  • make sure you check “import morph targets”

and thats it :slight_smile: